This innovative pharmacological drug represents a unique supramolecular complex, which includes a minimum number of active substance — a complex of modern anti-metabolites. Antitumor properties of antimetabolites now well known and understood. They affect on genetic apparatus of cancer cells, thus destroying them. Suprapol is a drug that has a pronounced anti-tumor effect. It is able to deal effectively with a variety of malignancies — spontaneous, transplanted, induced by carcinogens and viruses.

The main task, faced by developers of Suprapol, was to create a highly effective drug against cancer diseases. This task was successfully completed. In the end, was created efficient pharmacological drug consisting of a unique supramolecular complex and the complex of modern anti-metabolites. As a result, was achieved significant reduce of the toxic effects of drug and at the same time enhance its effectiveness in the fight against cancer.

Also, Suprapol includes fulvic and humic acids. They are based on complex compounds of natural origin. Fulvic acids are used in biogenic stimulants such as Gumizol, Befungin etc… and its highly active against malignancies.

Suprapol provides a synergistic increase in activity. To bound an antimetabolites, ammonium salts of complex acids lignohumic are used.

As mentioned above, the drug contains ultra-low doses of modern anti-metabolites complex. Only 0,006-0,008 mg per one milligram of the drug. This is in a way less than in other known similar drugs. Consequently, the toxic effects are also far less.

Because supramolecular complex affect immune system, immune response of the body are greatly enhanced. The operating principle of Suprapol is following: inside the crystal grid of the drug sewed active ingredient based on anti-metabolites and supramolecular complex. Nano-container allows the active substance to reach the DNA of the cancer cell. Thus without affecting body’s healthy cells drug destroying cancer cells. As a result, apoptosis of primary tumors and metastases occurs.

Suprapol drug activates so called Crown effect. This is what allows drug substance to actually penetrate cancer cells. Therefore a minimum amount of modern antimetabolites are required to affect diseased cells.

By affecting hypothalamus — endorphins amount increases, it leads to inhibition of malignant neoplasms growth. High concentration of endorphins remains in the body for a long time. This increases the period of drug’s exposure to tumor and provides a prolonged analgesic effect.

Injected into the patient medical solution differs ultra high number of donor-acceptor bonds. It reacts with the nucleophilic centers of protein molecules in infected cells, activating bifunctional alkylation. Thereafter, DNA and RNA synthesis is broken. The cellular enzyme systems and their mitotic cycle is completely blocked, leading to their subsequent destruction.

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